How do I get the matches?

We send the matches on your email after the payment.

How can I pay for the tips?

You can pay via PayPal or Skrill.

When do I get the matches?

We usually send the predictions till 12 o clock CET.

Do I need to know everything about the bertting business?

No you don’t. All you need to do is follow our advices and make the bets the way we tells you.

I need some help with the money management, can you help me?

Of course! Just let us know what budget you have and what goal you follow.

So now I lost, what’s next?

Don’t worry! We have plan for this situation. We send you the system you need to use in order to cover the loses.

Can I get some free matches?

No you can’t. The daily offers are cheap enough for serious bettors. We want to have a long term relationship with our customers.

How can I be sure that the results are real?

The real question here is “How the results can be manipulated, when so many people buy and bet on the same matches at the same time”.
The answer is – can’t be manipulated!!!

Can I make good profit with your services?

Yes you can. Although, you must do exactly what we tells you every day and stay very calm and be dedicated.