Nykøbing – Thisted

Nykøbing hosts Thisted in a match from the 22th round of the Danish 1st Division. Let’s have a look at this clash.

Nykøbing are 10th in the 1st Division standings, having 24 points so far. Their record is 6 wins, 6 draws and 9 defeats. In their last five games Nykøbing are without a win – three draws and two losses.

Right now Nykøbing are having a solid 10 points advantage in front of Brabrand and the relegation zone, so they are pretty safe at the moment. Remaining in the 1st Division is Nykøbing’s main goal for the moment.

In their last game Nykøbing made a 0-0 draw during the visit to Fremad Amager.

Thisted on the other hand are 4th in the 1st Division and continuing their fight for a promotion to the Superliga. Right now they have 36 points and a record of 10 wins, 6 draws and 6 defeats.

At the moment Thisted are on par with the 3rd Vendsyssel, so they are in a good position to chase a place in the Top 3 and a promotion.

In their last five games Thisted won once and made two draws, but at the moment they are in a run of two consecutive losses against HB Køge and Esbjerg. They would need to be a little bit more consistent, if they want to remain in the fight for promotion to the Superliga.

The striker Sonny Jacobsen is the main man in Thisted’s squad. He has scored 10 goals since the beginning of the season.

It’s clear that Thisted are the favourites here against Nykøbing. They are chasing a much bigger goal, they have a better quality and they are in a better form. On the other hand, Nykøbing have the advantage to play at home here. But can they use in their favour? That’s another question.